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Quality Guarantee

The foundation of quality for METTZ Group high-voltage circuit breakers begins right in the development of a new product. Switching performance, high voltage stability and performance under normal mechanical loads (wind and short circuits) as well as seismic conditions are simulated and optimized in the outline design phase using computer-aided calculations.

The use of parts and assembly units in a large number of breaker types such as live tank, dead tank, as well as GIS leads to a high volume standardization of the main components. Steady and regular amounts of produced units form a continuous production process and ensure the highest standards.

Statistical quality control is based on large numbers produced, and hence, a higher validity is achieved.

All our circuit breakers are completely type-tested in accordance with latest IEC and ANSI standards before their market launch.

In our factory, we have one of the most modern testing laboratories available.

All required facilities are available:

  • Physics laboratory
  • High-voltage testing laboratory
  • High-power testing laboratory
  • Mechanical testing laboratory
  • Temperature rise testing laboratory

Other testing laboratories that we work together with are KEMA, IPH and FGH, which are also part of the network of independent testing organizations.

Terms of Warranty:

Warranty is subject to the following additional conditions:

  1. Product must be directly purchased from METTZ Group and the warranty starts on the date of delivery.
  2. Ambient temperature should be according technical passport or product instruction.
  3. Products are functionally defective and we are promptly informed of the defect.
  4. Products have not been subject to be repaired, altered without authorization of METTZ Group.
  5. Product have not been subject to abuse or misuse, failure to follow the product instruction, such as “pull away”, jacketing, tears, incorrect supply of power and capacity including incorrect inputs of voltage(V), wattage(W), frequency(HZ).
  6. Product must be installed with correct product safety and installations procedures as instituted by IEC.