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HV Motors

Y2 series compact high voltage three-phase asynchronous motor is the twenty-first century the development of energy efficient products, new technologies, based on the high voltage three-phase asynchronous motors of the international fashion design and manufacturing experience combined with years of long-term stability of the motor design, its performance is close to or reach the advanced water products, and IP54 or IP55.

This series of motor performance and mounting dimensions conform to IEC standards and GB755 standards and related professional and technical standards. And I have many times through the ISO9001 international quality system certification, order, development, manufacture, inspection, sales, and service are in accordance with the requirements of the ISO9001 quality system control.

Motor power supply for the three-phase mains frequency of 50Hz (or 60Hz) power supply voltage level 6kV according to customers need to design to become  3kV, 3.3kV, 6.6kV, etc., the installation is generally IMB3, but also can be designed according to customer needs IMB35, IMV1 (including under the appropriate axial force).

This series of motors using high-permeability low-loss cold-rolled non-oriented silicon steel, and thus the low loss, high efficiency. Motor reliable Class F insulation structure and Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI), the temperature rise class B design, extending the insulation aging life. This series motors are basic ventilation mode of IC411, the cooling heat dissipation is more mature. This series of motors with high efficiency, low vibration, low noise performance is reliable, safe and convenient maintenance.

Motor allows the rated voltage and frequency, starting and reduced voltage starting.

This series of motors for general-purpose three-phase asynchronous motors can be used to drive a variety of general-purpose machinery and equipment such as compressors, fans, pumps, crushers and other machinery and equipment, can also be compared in the petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, mining and other environmental conditions poor cooperation in the field of the prime mover.

Second, the Structure Y2 three-phase asynchronous motor with the next generation of advanced high-strength cast iron structure of the motor housing and end caps made of high strength cast iron structure. The base of the external band orthogonal distribution - vertical and horizontal distribution of the cooling ribs, so it has good thermal performance, the overall stiffness, sturdy and durable.

With advances in technology and the modification of the domestic and international standards, the sample size and technical parameters are subject to change without notice. Please understand, when ordering please confirm or obtain a copy of the formal outline and related information to our technical department.