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METTZ Group brings together technology and engineering to provide innovative solutions for our customers in a wide range of industrial, power and construction markets. We are a highly rated manufacturing and trade company, with electrical contracting and electrician networking, and we can provide cost effective solutions for all our customers.

Design and construction of our electrical products requires a details oriented approach. The personnel at METTZ Group understand the importance of functionality, balanced with aesthetics, to ensure a satisfied customer. Building on our quality focused work ethic, along with our thorough documentation and testing protocols, is our extensive knowledge of the Vacuum electrical equipment. Our work always adheres to the applicable standards of the application and geographical location. All METTZ Group products are powered up tested, and safely packaged for transit prior to shipment.

We have the electrical services and project management capabilities to fulfill your project or facility's requirements. Even in logistically and environmentally challenging conditions, we have the knowledge and expertise to create and implement an effective solution, specific to your needs.


Our team provides complete Electrical services from conception to completion and full Maintenance services.

Our Electrical Construction experience includes the following:

  • Sub-station construction and upgrades
  • Equipment retrofits and upgrades
  • Cable tray and conduit supply
  • Power plant project
  • Transformer supply
  • High voltage products suppy
  • Switch gear and motor control centre supply

Controls & Automation

Our team provides from partial to complete automation installations and retrofits for new and existing control systems. We also offer the high quality systems for different industrial and power application.

Our Controls & Automation services include the following:

  • Protection relay supply
  • LECPs (Local Engine Control Panel) supply
  • Panel construction
  • Communications


We offer a full range of testing support for all of suppling electrical equipment.

Our Testing services include the following:

  • High voltage potential testing
  • Low to medium insulation testing
  • Load bank testing
  • Transformer inspection and testing
  • Switchgear inspection and testing

Project Management

In order to ensure your project runs smoothly from start to finish, we will work hand in hand with all participants and stakeholders to provide a complete turnkey solution tailored to your needs. We can work with you on any sized project to provide professional support and ensure you receive a successful outcome. 

Our Project Management services include the following:

  • Design
  • Implementation planning
  • Implementation
  • Project review

For more information about our Project Management services, please contact our team.