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Company profile

METTZ Technology Group is a specialized manufacturer of making vacuum circuit breaker, vacuum contactors, and other electrical products covering the voltage range of 1Kv~40.5kV, which is located in Wenzhou East Industrial Zone, Wenzhou city, Zhejiang province, China.

It occupancies total area of 18.800 square meters including building area of 12.800 square meters.

The annual production capacity is:

  • vacuum circuit breaker - up to 12 000 sets
  • vacuum contactors - up to 24 000 pcs
  • switchgears - up to 15 000 sets
  • HV components - up to 80 000 pcs.


  1. Provide the safety for the electric power network system
  2. Provide the professional service for the oil field industry

Our advantages:

  1. Professional management team
  2. Extensive market supply
  3. Large-scale regular clients from different industries
  4. Strong Quality Control for all products
  5. Advanced production equipment
  6. Wide product range
  7. More than 20 years working experience
  8. Focus on technology innovation based on market-oriented concept. 

Our products are widely used in national power, petrochemical, smelting, mining, aviation industry etc.

We also also exporting to Italy, Russia, Iran, India and other international markets.

We have established long-term strategic cooperation relations with several specialized  manufactures of power transmission and distribution in the world.

Reliable technique and continuous improvement of quality control.

Having professional R&D team to supply technical support, and cooperating with related research institutes, all these guarantee our product in pioneer level on its technique.

Besides, our advanced production line can control the quality of any procedures, and all products will be inspected strictly before delivery.

Key products

Low and high voltage vacuum contactors, switchboard, switch disconnectors, Fvacuum switch tubes, vacuum ring network devices, VSD project etc, focus on the traditional electric power devices, wind power project and oil field ESP system.

Advanced technical platform

With many vacuum industry expert and professional engineers of electric power device and VSD to support the strong ability of product improvement and technical innovation.

International cooperation background: 

  1. Unique licensed manufacturer in China;
  2. Cooperate with two European Companies by way of OEM to provide the vacuum switches;
  3. Make and research the switchboard and VSD project for the two biggest energy groups in the world;
  4. Customers from America, Middle East and South Africa market appreciates our products very much;
  5. Design and produce together with the national famous electric power device manufacturers.