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Vacuum Contactors

Vacuum contactors used vacuum tubes (interrupters) encapsulated contacts to help suppress the arc. This arc suppression allows the contacts to be much smaller and use less space than air break contacts at higher currents. As the contacts are encapsulated, vacuum contactors are used fairly extensively in dirty applications, such as mining.

Air-free chamber allows arc extinction and current interruption to be completed within a fraction of a cycle, minimizing contact erosion. Durable metal bellows within the interrupters allow the moving contact to be closed and pulled open from the outside without leaking air into the bottle.

Front removable coil and auxiliaries allow for easy maintenance.

Standard low chop interrupters eliminate the need for extra surge suppressors.

Contact wear indicators aide in planning your preventative maintenance schedule.

Silver tungsten carbide contacts provide maximum performance.

Vacuum contactors (VC) from METTZ Group are designed for use in actuators, control stations for current switching on and off of induction motors with squirrel-cage rotor and other receivers of electricity in remote control of electric drives.

Main application areas are mining, metallurgy, oil and gas, rail transport and other industries with heavy duty drives.

Advantages METTZ VC:

  • The lack of open arc, light and sound effects switching;
  • No need to contact service;
  • Improved kinematic scheme, high reliability switching;
  • Auxiliary contacts of high reliability;
  • Increased endurance to the limit switching currents;
  • The possibility of use in heavy conditions of temperature at high humidity and dust;
  • Quiet operation;
  • Built-in power switching with an extended range of supply voltage; full operation of the contactor is saved when the supply voltage deviation from the nominal value in the range of -30% to + 30%;
  • Low power consumption for auxiliary power supply circuits;
  • Modern design;
  • Reduced size and weight.

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